mirror phase

by The Fuzzy Nerds



The Fuzzy Nerds 4th full length album “Mirror Phase” is undoubtedly the most successful fuzzy album. The band decided to work with the well known for his work with artists such as The Cure, Tears for Fears, Midnight Oil, Puressence, and Mansun, among many others, british producer Clive Martin. The outcome was an album that established their name in the scene and reassured their reputation. “Mirror Phase” was much loved by the audience, as well as, by the music press and gave the band the opportunity to be listened by thousands of people in both Europe and U.S.A., something that had never happened before in that extent. Tracks like “Plastic”, “Lying Underground”, “117”, “Mirror Phase”, “Beautiful”, “Happy Fuzzy Thinkin'”and “Faithful” are much played tracks in radios and indie clubs and are a music point of reference.

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released November 24, 2008

.The Fuzzy Nerds – Mirror Phase

*produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by Clive Martin at artracks studios, Athens
*mastered by Eroc at the Ranch, Breckerfeld Hagen, Germany
*assistant engineering and editing by George Prioniotakis and Alex Bolpasis
*drums produced, recorded and engineered by Clive Martin at mix studios, Thessaloniki
*assistant drums engineering by Fotis Demertzis
*drums editing by Orestis Benekas
*“plastic” recorded by George Priniotakis at artracks studios while production and mixing made by Clive Martin at Raining Pleasure's studio in Rio, Patra
*drums on “plastic” recorded by Fotis Demertzis at mix studios
*“...of course you may, my dear..” recorded by Petros Vyzoukis and Kostas Dimitriou on the fuzzy 8track and mixed by Petros Vyzoukis at home
*“may I leave?” mastered by George Priniotakis at artracks
*artwork by Achilleas Gatsopoulos

*all songs written by Petros Vyzoukis except “ginger”written by Maria Choleva
*all lyrics written by Petros Vyzoukis
*all arrangements by Petros Vyzoukis

.The Fuzzy Nerds

Petros Vyzoukis – guitars/vocals/melody horn/fuzzy horn/noise/keys/toy piano/piano
Maria Choleva – bass guitar/b. Vocals
Kostas Dimitriou –drums/percussion/xylophone/programming


Jimmy Staridas – trombone on “117” and “may I leave?”
Stauros Parginos – cello on “ginger”
Leon Oikonomou – synths and noises on “happy fuzzy thinkin'” and “lying underground”



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The Fuzzy Nerds Greece

The Fuzzy Nerds was a post alternative and a quite experimental indie rock band active for 20 years, from 1994 to 2014, that released 7 albums overall, an ep. and a digitally distributed fuzzy b – sides compilation for the Fuckingreat?, Grabber Records, Psycho Puppie Records, NoisyLand Recordings and TMC Music respectively. They were nerds living in Nerdland and they loved it... ... more

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Track Name: plastic
let me go first into this perfect depth

I’ve never felt right, they were here just to hide

they did their best..

they’re plastic but fairly dressed..

they’ve never asked why they were here just to hide

let me get first into your shiny wealth

I’ve never felt right, they were here just to hide

and fall in blue and plastic dry tears

being obsessed with what used to be near

fake but blessed who knows who goes first

they fall in blue
Track Name: lying underground
“It felt nice when I thought of stabbing you with my new knife

In here, without warning I could cut your throat my dear..

How nice would it be to have you done, but who would dare

‘cause I know you would end up dead, but who cares?

..after all…you’ll be lying underground"

He woke up, “Oh my god, what have I done, I’d better kill myself ..”

It felt weird, when he found out she was lying dead by his hand

He was right when he dreamt he could have killed her years before..
Track Name: faithful
faithful, just faithful

Shot to the head

faithful, just faithful

It fades away my dear..

she found herself craving for love, just a little piece

what’s left behind, she could use it all

what would be so wrong?

the route was defined..
Track Name: 117
kill me , I’m not dead yet

smash my head, it won’t be bad

I’m so tired and fed up with them

heal me, I can’t pretend

what those headaches have been to me

forgive me If I run again

forgive me If I run again

I’ve been tired and fed up with them..

I won’t ever let you feel me
Track Name: happy fuzzy thinkin'
when she found out that she stood still there

she came up with one of her old tricks

that one that says that she can pretend

that she’s quite pleased, although she’s still struggling with her needs

just two dreams ago she was filled

with that energy that happy thoughts still need

now, I can’t believe a word that she’s said

no, I can’t believe a word that she’s said

if I try
Track Name: freud & klein
false trouble

false trouble hold on and on

feel my touch

sense my trust, love, from now on

I’ve loved it, I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it cold but

I still love it, still see it, still feel it cold..
Track Name: ginger
Track Name: beautiful
inhale me up and I won’t keep on trying

if I can’t live without you anymore

inhale me up and I won’t keep on lying

you’re beautiful

inhale me up and I won’t keep on dying

if I can’t live without you anymore

inhale me up and I won’t keep on lying

you’re beautiful
Track Name: narcissism
he’s not there, he’s left for happy places

the way they should be up there

with a bag containing all his faces

sad, sweet, pleased, dead precisely

jesus help him find his way back up there

jesus help me stand back on my feet again

he’s been grey, he’s been there for ages

feels like the sailor’s widow

he’s given her his faceless, yet cheap portrait

narcissistic kind of payment

jesus help him find his way back up there
Track Name: mirror phase
how can you be so cold?

how can you be so insensible?

is that our fall or I’m just scared?

your mirror phase is done but fragments not

why do we fall girl?

your mirror phase has gone but fragments not

how can you feel so precious girl?

how can you feel so remote?
Track Name: may I leave?
all these years I kept wondering but never learnt a thing

may I leave?... and if I may, where to go?

…‘cause the thieves are out there and can’t be far I heard

what you say will be my guide, ‘cause you can’t be wrong..

hey, you there, you can’t be wrong,

for if you are, then I’m back to my fall

what you say will be my guide, ‘cause you can’t be wrong..
Track Name: ...of course you may, my dear...