"killer 13" promo

by The Fuzzy Nerds



It's a promo compilation that was given out for free to the fans who attended the "Killer 13" new album pre-release presentation at Boxx Live Stage, Ioa, Gr, on Oct. 19, 2012.


released October 19, 2012




The Fuzzy Nerds Greece

The Fuzzy Nerds was a post alternative and a quite experimental indie rock band active for 20 years, from 1994 to 2014, that released 7 albums overall, an ep. and a digitally distributed fuzzy b – sides compilation for the Fuckingreat?, Grabber Records, Psycho Puppie Records, NoisyLand Recordings and TMC Music respectively. They were nerds living in Nerdland and they loved it... ... more

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Track Name: getting old (rough mix)
getting old

countless days I've moaned
among those shy words
getting old
forgetting all your sins
like the hollow heart of a psycho bitch

then I feel so insecure
and I keep on killing me
and getting old

I've punished all my skills
just to be in peace with all your freaks
torturing the truth
but I'm so scared that I forgot to lose

then I feel so insecure
and I keep on killing me
by getting old