happy fuzzy thinkin'

by The Fuzzy Nerds



It took almost 4 years time for The Fuzzy Nerds to release their 3rd full length album “Happy Fuzzy Thinkin'”, since they were in search of a new record company at that point. This album is also the first one they recorded as a trio. Although “Happy Fuzzy Thinkin'” was completed in June of 2005, it didn't go out until November of 2006 by TMC Music Publishing and their own new label Psycho Puppie Records. Nevertheless, it was worth the wait. The album made quite an impression to their audience and the indie music press and even managed to appear as one of the best record releases that year in the scene. The Fuzzy Nerds album “Happy Fuzzy Thinkin'” and tracks like “Happy?”, “Since You Fell”, “Sonic Blue”, “Little Black Fairy” and “Project no 9” confirmed their great reputation as a band and their distinctive fuzzy sound.

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released November 27, 2006

The Fuzzy Nerds – Happy Fuzzy Thinkin'

all songs written by Petros Vyzoukis except “supercat” written by The Fuzzy Nerds

all lyrics written by Petros Vyzoukis

all arrangements by Petros Vyzoukis

produced, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Giorgos Priniotakis

artwork and photography by Thodoris Triantafillou

The Fuzzy Nerds

Petros Vyzoukis – guitars/vocals/melody horn/noise
Maria Choleva – bass guitar/vocals
Diogenis Hantzopoulos – drums

Aris Hantzopoulos played keyboards and line6 noise
Petros Vyzoukis played additional keyboards on “just another day”



all rights reserved


The Fuzzy Nerds Greece

The Fuzzy Nerds was a post alternative and a quite experimental indie rock band active for 20 years, from 1994 to 2014, that released 7 albums overall, an ep. and a digitally distributed fuzzy b – sides compilation for the Fuckingreat?, Grabber Records, Psycho Puppie Records, NoisyLand Recordings and TMC Music respectively. They were nerds living in Nerdland and they loved it... ... more

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Track Name: b - side
Track Name: happy?
are we here yet? ….. away from all that walked us in here?

can you hear’em? ….. craving for a little warm touch? … so away

what has happened to my feast of happy, sweet elves?

….. is it cause I slept?

are we here? ….. sailing on our own once again… on our own

(rap….. so right)

“ she ran away, lying, forgetting every word…

I remember how she felt like begging for those filthy hands

just anywhere, I’d really go anywhere just to see her face again…”

that was what he said, but what he meant was simply frustration, cessation for passion, no direction

Now, I’m awake, I’ve made myself a drink,

I should stand on my feet, but I’m still here

now I’m awake, I’ve made that bloody drink

I should feel happier, but I can’t hide

…. feel me just once, I cannot go

how could I go?.. you’re away, you’re so far away…

….but I can’t hide away
Track Name: just another day
she’s got the way to make me fall
she’s got the way to make me crawl
she reads my mind
she feels the future

she’s got the way to get me used
she’s got the way to get me abused
she reads my mind
she feels the future

all I’ve heard for those I’ve seen
eager bunnies, slimy feast
another day, another shit
another space, another shrink
Track Name: project no 9
Track Name: little black fairy
little black fairy…

please stay next to me

little black fairy…

stay away…

stay away from me

little black fairy …

won’t you stay away from me?
Track Name: since you fell
since you fell…

out of this world…

and left me down here on black once again,

I fell down and cried while I was awake..

always seem to fall

always seem to dive from the hill..

dive from the hill away
Track Name: sonic blue
somewhere there’ll be a place to lay

his body and rest his soul till the end

of his fancy love parade… I’ve felt it done

somewhere there’ll be someone to stay

next to his obsessive sight till the dawn

of velvet and sonic blue tunes in his head

someday there will be no more pain

and there won’t be any way out of here

but who would care for a dream

I had one time

someday there’ll be a place to lay

my body and rest my bloody soul till the end

of my fancy death parade, … as it goes…. I’ve seen it done once

someday he will be the one

who dares to stand up and claim

what he owns and fears

If I were to be a king

I would find a way to follow

what I know and what I’ve seen

since you always feel my sorrow
Track Name: supercat